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Universal Association of Clinical Audiologists (UACA) is the professional and scientific association of more than 200 members who are Audiologists in India and abroad.

Vision statement: UACA envisages professional excellence in Audiology services, safeguarding professional ethics and the interest of professionals and the people with Hearing disorders.

Mission statement: UACA promotes excellence in Audiology Profession and rehabilitation services through advocacy, leadership, unique and continued education, camps both for public and professional awareness, ethical considerations and outcome monitoring and professional networking and support to research.

Genesis of UACA: Universal Association of Clinical Audiologists (UACA) is started by the Founders of Telangana Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists Association (TASLPA) Dr.Nagender Kankipati and Dr.Imad Khan Ruman. With 7 years of experience and success of TASLPA, to spread the fruits of TASLPA to the World and on demand from many Clinical Audiologists (Private Practitioners), "Universal Association of Clinical Audiologists (UACA)" was launched on 26th November 2021. UACA is registered under the Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001 with Registration No: 713 of 2021. The association has its central office at Hyderabad. The affairs of the association are managed by an executive council consisting of seven members elected at the general body meeting and in accordance to the bylaws of the association The executive council of association has full power of control and management of the affairs of the property of association, all such actions are brought to the notice of the General body of the association at its immediate next meeting.


The Aims and Objectives of the Association:

1. To bring unity among Worldwide Audiologists.

2. To exchange and implement Universal methods and high standards in Clinical Audiology.

3. To promote Medical Audiology.

4. To conduct Certificate courses on recent advancements.

5. To discuss about latest technology about various Hearing Aids and the policy matters.

6. To address the problems of Pvt. Practitioners and Safeguard the Ethical Practice.

7. To strengthen the Dr.Prefix for ASLPs throughout India and in other countries

8. To create awareness in the public about the field of Audiology and the role of Clinical Audiologists

9. To conduct conventions and continuing education programs, seminars and workshops periodically and in general by working for alleviating the problems of Hearing afflicted population of the World

10. To represent the issues related to the field of Audiology to the Governments and International Organizations

11. To eradicate malpractices in the field of Audiology

12. To conduct free Hearing screening camps in slums and rural villages by providing needful materials to the disordered patients.

13. To encourage scientific study of the processes involved in Audiology

14. To promote investigation of Hearing disorders, foster improvement of therapeutic procedures for such disorders

15. To stimulate exchange of information among persons thus engaged and disseminate such information;

16. To encourage basic scientific research and experimental work in Audiology

17. To obtaining facilities for research and for guiding such research.

18. To promote high educational and research standards in the field of Audiology

19. To establish committee on educational standards to supervise, advice, monitor and, develop and implement educational institutions of different parts of the World.

20. To hold scientific discussion and reading papers related to the field of Audiology

21. To establish and maintain a reference library furnishing it with books, reviews, magazines, etc., relating to Audiology

22. To hold properties movable or immovable that may be necessary or advantageous for the aforesaid objectives; to purchase and to sell, to lease and to mortgage the same for the purpose of the association and to construct, alter and maintain its own building necessary for the transactions of the association.

23. To receive donations and contributions from members as well as from generous public and by holding the same in trust for any particular purpose or purposes for the advancement of the field of Audiology

24. To co – operate with the medical and allied associations connected with Audiology and Speech- Language Pathology of the World, for the promotion of the field.

25. To organize exhibitions of machinery, implements, tools, appliances, aids, etc., connected with or pertaining to Audiology field in different parts of the World and to improve the implements, machinery, instruments and appliances related to the field.

26. To make subsidiary rules and regulations of the association and to delete after and amend or add to the same as and when necessary for purposes of better management

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